We're glad you found us. Welcome to the Red Rainboots Studio.


In 2001 the so-called Red Rainboots Rx was created in New York City when my feet kept getting soaked while commuting by train, bus and on hoof. I realized if I put on red rainboots and a yellow raincoat not only were my feet dry but I was a bringing brightness to a cloudy day literally and metaphorically. Soon there were rain walks in the park. There are sooooo many less people there! Solitude. A sliver of quiet.

The Red Rainboots Rx is the spirit of experimentation mixed with mavericky. I wonder if this will work? Or that will work? It might fail...Hopefully it will lead to a story that will make you laugh if I’m lucky. Mostly I am just a curious learner and an independent, thoughtful teacher.

That brings us to this place: Red Rainboots Studio. A place where I can work on projects, offer my services, share with friends, think out loud, pass along high-quality info, curated conversations and foster community. You might also find poetry, irreverence, and sass --- Gillian CB Fink